At Scrambled Voice we design and build engaging brand apps for the Google Assistant, called Actions on Google. We specialize in helping some of the largest Food Retailers and Fast Movers in their journey to innovate their digital brand experience.

Voice interaction is rapidly being introduced into your customers’ lives, with numbers showing a 20x growth in the voice assistant shopping market by 2020. Our experienced team of Voice UX designers, developers, AI specialists and data scientists can help your brand determine what this means for you and enable you to better service your customers and improve brand experience.


Some of our clients:

Our latest case - Andrélon Haarspecialist

The Andrélon Haarspecialist offers its users  an engaging beauty environment for their hair. Based on three questions its users will be given advice on which Andrélon hair product to use. These products can subsequently be added to their Kruidvat shopping cart. Alternatively, the Andrélon Haarspecialist provides hair inspiration. Users can either get tips on how to take best care of their hair or find tutorials about changing their style.

Our involvement:

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Conceptualization comprises the process of translating the idea or message behind a brand, into a concrete action on Google Assistant. This translation will have to appeal to the target audiences; to their emotions, motivations, attitudes, beliefs and interests that are meaningful to them. We will help you create a concept for your brand in a way that will inspire and activate your target audiences.


Conversational Design

Unlike with traditional mobile and desktop apps, which use computer-centric paradigms, Google Assistant users interact with Actions for the Assistant through a natural sounding, back-and-forth conversation. Creating Actions for the Google Assistant requires a breadth of design expertise in the fields of voice user interface design, interaction design, visual design, motion design, and UX writing, which we’ve refined into a single discipline: conversation design.



When a concept is moved from heads to hands, the idea often improves. Therefore, our first step in building an awesome brand experience for Google Assistant is prototyping. Transforming the idea into an inspiring experience makes it possible to validate the idea on actual devices. The prototype may be shared within your organization for feedback, and to bring designers, developers and product managers together, in order to create a solid foundation for further development.



Actions on Google lets you extend the functionality of the Google Assistant with Assistant apps that contain custom functionality. Our development team has vast experience in related fields like front-end development, mobile app development, and machine learning, providing  the perfect skill set to develop intelligent, user-friendly, easily integratable, scalable and maintainable actions at a very rapid pace.


Quality Assurance

During the development process, we continuously test functional and non-functional requirements, both in-house and with end users. This ensures that development is still moving in the right direction. Where necessary, requirements will be enhanced based on new insights gathered from these tests, in order to provide the best possible user experience, while at the same time creating value for your brand.


Submit / Release

When submitting your Action to Actions on Google, we will perform all the checks necessary to assure that all guidelines and best practices are followed. This greatly improves the speed of the approval process, saving valuable time and releasing your Action to the end user as soon as possible.



A challenge in building an Action on Google is ensuring your users are able to find it. By bridging the gap between what the user says on one hand, and what your app is able to help with on the other hand, Google may recommend your action to the user more often, vastly increasing user interaction with your brand.



We will help you connect your Action on Google with a wide array of analytics engines, allowing your brand to gain valuable and actionable insights into the behavior of your user, and the ability to analyze and optimize your voice application.



Using insights gained from quantitative data collection together with qualitative user feedback, we will help you optimize your voice application in order to better serve your customers, while at the same time improving your brand’s KPI’s.




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